Fly Fishing for Trout


Trout are made up of the species of fresh and saltwater fish in the salmon family and are found all over North America. There are many variations in appearance, but generally speaking all trout are almost genetically identical.  Rainbow trout (also called steelhead) are saltwater trout, and return to freshwater streams for reproduction, which is why they can be caught in any type of water. Fly fishing for rainbow trout is perhaps the most popular method for fishing.

Quick Tips When Fishing Trout

Insects are usually the main source of food for a trout, and accordingly the best time to be out fishing is at the same time as the insects. This usually is around dusk or nighttime, though depends on the region. Temperature is also an important factor to consider, so in warmer weather trout often feed in the morning before the water is too warm. However, in spring/fall, they can sometimes feed later in the afternoon to correspond with the more amiable temperatures. Generally speaking, however, trout like cooler water than most fish. In addition to this, trout have very keen senses, and therefore you must be very careful to be attuned to this. Even small things like being quiet are important. The most important thing to do, however, is to use bait that matches the type of prey the trout typically eat, because they are able to see color.